Blogs: A current trend?

Is blog or web log the ‘in’ thing for most people to communicate around the world? A search engine for blogs, Technocrati stated that there are 112.8 million blogs created up to date with over 1.6 million posts per day. Imagine if it’s per minute or per hour!

Blogs are considered as online diaries where different people with different interpretation write about everything from politics, education to fashion! Everything under the sun! The trend of having a blog is so rampant and has spread out all over the world. These writers who writes these ‘blogs’ are called bloggers. What benefits does it offer to these bloggers? According to Jackson et al (2007), benefits to users were social as well as informational, and that connecting with their community was an important value sought by all types of users.

Different types of ‘blogs’ can be found are vlog (video-blog), moblog (mobile-blog)sketchblog (sketches blog), photoblog (photo-blog) just to name a few .These various types of blogs will suit to the different type of bloggers and their purpose of blogging. (Motive Glossary, 2008) There are also personal blogs as well as corporate blogs where it develops communication skills and business opportunities between people everywhere. (Wikipedia, 2008

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