Emoticons: An enhancement of expression when sending an email?

What is emoticon? An emoticon is a symbol or combination of symbols used to convey emotional content in written or message form. (Wikipedia 2008)
We often send and receive emails from friends, lectures or colleagues in a company. The content in the email is entirely up to you. But sometimes ‘communication clash’ happens to people that you send or receive the message from.

As quoted by Kristin Byron in Anthony Funnel’s Media Report, “What happens in email communication is that we have a lot of confidence, too much confidence, in our perception of them, and we really end up, because we're over-confident in our perception, and there are so few cues in email communication, we end up making mistakes, and not only do we make mistakes in our judgment of emotion in email, but we don't even know that we made those mistakes”.

So can emoticons be an enhancement to the email that you are sending? Personally, I believe in sending emoticons as an added value to the message sent. It gives the reader a better understanding of the emotion that you are feeling at that time of sending the message.

For example,
Happy mood
Hey, I’m having a birthday party this weekend! I’m so excited! Do come! :)

Hey, I’m not having my birthday party this weekend. Mom left for Jakarta. I’ll be home all by myself. :(

Customized emoticons (Source: Skyrock – emoticons)

What makes emoticon interesting is that it can be customized according to the emotion that you are feeling. Feeling a little bit embarrassed, use this:-

Examples of ‘embarrased’ emoticons
Feeling excited to send an email now? Go on send an email n a customized emoticon and show people how you really feel.

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