Classifications of blogs and its communities

Blogs can be classified to various types of genre depending on the topic or subject that a blogger is discussing. Various types of genre as stated by (Technocrati 2008) are lifestyle, sports, business, entertainment, politics and technology. As topics and issues may vary, there are many other genre type that other blogs may fall into.

For example, a fashion community called StyleMob has created a place where people gather to voice out their ideas and opinions about fashion. What makes this site interesting is that various people with the same passion in fashion can interact with each other by posting their fresh ideas on how to dress up or where to get the cheapest bargain in clothing.

What makes a community in a blog? According to (White 2006), the term ‘online community’ implied a community who interacted online within some bounded set of technologies.

Observed by (Miller and Shepherd 2004), “relationship development and social control are primarily external, functions that use self-disclosure to build connections with others. These second two dimensions of blog disclosure support the second omnipresent theme, community building”.

By exchanging comments or opinions, a community that shares the same passion will grow into a larger and closer community. Any awesome ideas or topics that you want to share? Start a blog and invite people to be a part of that community!

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