Curiosity kills the cat? I don’t think so! This was not my first attempt in creating a blog (had one back two years ago) but did not bother to continue.

Always thought that having my diary is good enough to satisfy my needs to rant about myself and things around me. Basically, creating a weblog was a task that you need to really look for details as writing and designing for web is totally different than writing or designing your ‘diary’.

Texts and images should be align together to create ‘harmony’ as texts and images complement each other. The content for a blog should also be appropriate to not offend anyone. As explained by Shriver (1997), the design of texts and images should accommodate to the needs of the readers.

Although blog can be in a very informal way of writing rather than writing for a newspaper, big responsibility is given to us bloggers as we can’t just ‘copy paste’ a sentence or quotes taken from the internet.

References and citation should be added to not complicated things with plagiarism. Also with the images that a blogger puts up is also important as it should be suitable to the readers.

Creating a blog can be quite challenging but it comes around after a few times of blog posting. I’m also new in this, so I might need a few pointers myself.

Schriver, KA 1997, Dynamics in document design: creating texts for readers, Wiley Computer Publication, New York.

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angel said...

macam budak sekolah punya karangan. i hope you didnt end up in advertising